Life Coaching in Tucson


*Are your thoughts stuck on overwhelm and distraction, on too many commitments and responsibilities?

*Are you disillusioned by what life turned out to be—perhaps mediocre and unfulfilling and feels impossible to change?

*Do you wish there was more magic and simplicity in your life?


Fortune, fame, a perfect body, etc… can be distractions from what we really crave, a simple, magic-filled, fulfilling life that doesn’t make us want to give up.

I work with people who want a life that is energized and inspired so they can show up fully for themselves and the people they love.

For decades I was living according to the rules and according to other peoples expectation of me, whether I assumed it was expected or I was blatantly told “you must do this to be acceptable/successful” I followed the rules to a T.   Does that sound familiar?

Most of us do that, to some degree or other, because it allows us to enjoy certain comforts and a degree of freedom because, after all we might appear like “acceptable/successful” versions of ourselves but if we are consistently left with the feeling of disappointment and wondering if we missed the point of living then what?

It’s time to course-correct!  I often hear people say “why didn’t I do this sooner?”– regret over time lost is up to you– whether you hire a coach or look elsewhere, are you ready to take back your time to enjoy more fulfillment?

You are ultimately the expert of your life and your results.  The ones you don’t want and the ones you do.  The difference really is in how invested you want to be in creating the results you DO want.  I offer coaching in simplicity, that’s not to say it is not challenging, simple isn’t always easier.  Staying overwhelmed and confused, while more complicated, feels familiar and many of us stay stuck there because we “know it”.

Although we can build a life, quite comfortably, while being adequate for others, it doesn’t feel fun, inspired, or worth it.  That may sound dramatic, but I know that is what was true for me, and although I was diagnosed with severe depression at an early age,  I know that whether biological or circumstantial that lack of fulfillment year after year finally had to go, and that is something I had to create for myself and I can show you the way to free yourself from it too.

We are powerful beyond our imagination and for whatever reason (and there are many) we have been taught to deny that powerful inner wisdom, we ignore it and that inadvertently invites all the discomfort of our life to settles into our mind, body, relationships, and daily routines.  Hiding from the truth about ourselves, our capability, our truest desires ultimately leaves us feeling empty and sometimes fake.  It certainly doesn’t have to stay that way.  Are you feeling ready to course-correct? To take inspired action toward a life of your design?


The best part of becoming the active inspired CEO of your life, is that you have someone to help set that up with you in the exact vision that YOU want—even if you are not entirely sure of how that will look.  I am the partner that will make sure the success you give yourself comes from your authentic self.  There is tons of great information online, there are books, videos, seminars, centers, webinars, etc that you could navigate on your own, that you could promise yourself to follow and add them your to-do list and hope you’ll get around to seeing results. Or we can do this together! Nothing, and I know this from experience, beats having someone in partnership with you to guide and hold you accountable for your best life! I am an expert, I don’t say that lightly. Not because I revolutionized my own life but because I have the educational and professional background, I have the life experience of working directly with hundreds of people who struggled with overwhelm, lack of focus, disappointment, lack of fulfillment to finally break free from unwanted results and gain the confidence in making their life magical again (or for the first time)!  I am here to be your partner in breaking free from a life that isn’t what you had hoped to one that continues to happily surprise you!