Why Rise Above It Coach…

There are aspects to life that keep us trapped that we must rise above in order to move forward, see new results, enter into a happier, simpler life.  Not rising above whatever is holding us back will affect our health, our habits, our relationships, our careers, even our free time, all of it.

Life coaching has been around for years and we know that most successful people hire coaches to continue to succeed.  But it isn’t just meant for the rich and famous, in fact everyone could benefit from coaching.  Why? 

Well it’s not because coaches are supreme, all-knowing beings— if you find a coach that makes these claims then steer clear–that is not coaching!  No!  Because YOU are the expert in your life.  The people that seek coaching are those that KNOW in their bones that they are selling themselves short in life in one area (or in many) and they also KNOW what they would rather have, BUT they struggle at listening to their inner expert– either they purposefully defy themselves, self-sabotage, or can’t get inspired to take action, and THAT is where coaching can help you soar to levels of fulfillment you thought were not possible.  Coaches are experts at making your inner expert come through for you.

Coaching provides a path to new, desired, and permanent results even with the longest held or most complicated problem/issue.

Yeah” you might be saying “I know what I need to do, I just need to ‘try harder’ and I should be doing this thing or that thing…”  But that thinking keeps you in the problem and possibly digs you deeper.  Coaching works in the realm of “you don’t know what you don’t know”– In other words looking at the problem/issue from the same vantage point will never look different, but you do not know that there are vantage points you have no access to, yet.

So allow yourself to rise above it–whatever “it” is and be free from the same old way of thinking and the same old results you no longer want.  That is what Rise Above It Coach is all about.


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