Why Life Coaching (even in Health Coaching)…

After working with so many clients over the years, not all of which have been for health coaching, I have come to discover that what people really want is to be happy.  To put it another way, people want relief from their lives.  They are tired of the overwhelm, the lack of time, the stress, the lack of sleep, the scattered brain, the spinning wheels that get them nowhere.

It’s no surprise then, and really quite a delight for me, that what I MOSTLY do is life coaching.  As an aside, I have been a Certified Life Coach for 4 years and I am currently in training to become a Master Level Coach (MCC) through the International Coaching Federation (basically the closest we come to a governing board–you can check it out here).  My Functional Medicine Coach training was very heavy on life coaching as well (just more applicable to all things health).  Which is no coincidence, of course, because people don’t need more pills or to be more “compliant”, they need someone to help them figure out what they want for themselves and how to get it.  So yay! for these integrated models of health care that embrace the fact that the patient knows best when it comes to their life and what they are willing to commit to.

Life coaching, also known as personal coaching, is about making the patient/client responsible for their agenda.  In other words, you have to define what ACTUALLY matters to you, not what you “should or must” do, but what you actually “want and can” do.  This could be about a relationship you haven’t repaired, this could be about your aversion to keeping your promises to yourself, this could be about your job sucking the life out of you. So really any area that is clouding your freedom to live a life you can be relieved and happy about.  Because can you see how “that” is honestly impacting your health?  It may be in a habit that you use which leads to poor health but helps you “cope” with “that” thing.  So figure out what is getting in your way and commit to changing it, even if you don’t know how.  A coach can be the greatest investment you’ll ever make toward fulfilling on what matters most to you.  Yes, I am a Registered Nurse, yes, I am Certified Diabetes Educator, but being a Life Coach is what makes me the most successful at getting people the results they actually want.