What are you committing to this year? Many people believe in making New Year’s Resolutions but that is not the same as making a decision about what you will do starting today until you reach the goal.  A decision is not just a powerful statement, it is the recurring practice of something until the goal is reached.  It requires consistent practice, practice, practice, no matter the “failures” incurred.  Sitting in review of last year may be a prompt for many of us to look toward what we prefer to see in our lives instead of what we saw in 2016, but WHAT will you do differently to create those changes?  In my 25 plus years as a self-help scholar and the last 5 years as a certified integrative life coach, nothing has continued to be more glaringly powerful than changing our thinking.  Our brain is the most powerful tool in our possession and we just haphazardly throw it around this way and that.  What if we actually spent a year, cleaning it out, tuning it up, sharpening it to it’s most brilliant form?  What could we affect in our lives this way, not just ourselves but everyone around us?  We have all heard that we have the same combination of thoughts hour by hour, day after day, year after year, and then we see it reflected in our lives.  Being ready to get off the merry-go-round of useless and harmful thoughts takes effort, it’s going against what is easy and familiar but it IS the way to a life that you actually want.  You are creating a life anyway with all those incessant, low-value thoughts, if you don’t believe me then what have you got to lose by trying this experiment for one year? Hiring a coach may seem like a waste of time–which by the way I have yet to understand given that well over 95% of the worlds most successful people hire them–but I assure you that the only wasted time is the one you spend thinking you can do this on your own.  It’s not that you are not brilliant and have all the answers, you absolutely do, what you don’t have are the questions needed to access your brilliance and the tools to show you what you are ACTUALLY made of, which is far more than you can see right now.  The mistakes you make, even the ones about “trying harder”, will continue to offer you the same results, but being willing to relate to yourself in a whole new way will change the trajectory of your life and will actually have you moving forward rather than in a deja vu mindless loop.