About Me


Hi, I am Denisse Cabrera, the Rise Above It Coach.  I am here to tell you that you no longer have to “put up” with a mediocre and/or an unfulfilled life.  The days of feeling overwhelmed, confused, frustrated are over–I am not saying these feelings won’t surface, I am saying that you no longer have to live from those emotions 24/7 and better still, is that even when they do show up you will have everything you need to work with those emotions toward your benefit rather than feel defeated.

Your life is up to you! Now that may sound obvious, but sometimes we act as if our life is an outcome of uncontrollable situations and we just need to deal with it as it comes. The truth is your life is up to you!—You control so much more than you realize and when you train your brain to work for you then you begin to see the veil lift and participate in the magic of creating your life rather than reacting to it.  Does that sound freeing? Or does it sound like the kind of terrifying responsibility that you would rather just leave to fate/chance/other people?  Even if you choose to leave your life up to fate/others, YOU are still the one directing it and rather than fool yourself that you are not in control, how about harness that control to maximize your life instead?  I’m betting there is a part of you that knows that the more you ignore that wise inner voice the more out of control your thoughts, routines, emotions become, and then you feel less and less in control of your life.

I have been in healthcare for over 23 years, I have been an accomplished Registered Nurse for over 11 years, a Functional Medicine Health Coach/Health Educator for 3 years, but I am MOST proud of being a Certified Life Coach for the past 7 years.  Being a personal coach is how I transformed my own life and the lives of the people I have had the privilege to coach.  I have over 5 years of professional life coach training, I know many people “set up shop” as coach without professional training (or a weekend course) but please be aware that there is a science and specific methodology to coaching that is crucial to the success of the client– people often confuse consulting as coaching so please be cautious when selecting a coach.

Along with my extensive professional training, I can speak to my own personal journey.  My lifelong passion for all things self-development (including hiring several life coaches) has come with an equal opportunity to employ all the things I have learned–meaning I have had my share of complete and total failures, breakdowns, deep clinical depression, loss, divorce, financial  despair, scary health issues, etc…-but until I could allow myself the opportunity to be vulnerable and authentically show up as the full version of who I am, no methods/advice/”success” etc… could give me the life I craved.  Coaching, in all its forms, be it the training, receiving it, providing it, has been the key to show up authentically and with purpose in my daily life. I’m sure we can agree that knowledge is useless if you don’t put it into action.  Coaching is a method to intuitively inspire action without resistance.  I am grateful to introduce this method to people who want a better life.

I am so excited to be doing this work. I can’t wait to meet you!