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Sometimes we forget what questions to ask anymore. We get so comfortable in the same answers that we don’t bother to look at what else to ask ourselves. Yet, ALL the answers are there, already within you, waiting to reveal themselves to you.
Have you ever heard the expression, “You don’t know what you don’t know”? It happens to be one of my favorite expressions and I think it’s a great definition for coaching.  It points to the fact that there are things hidden from our view and if they came into our awareness everything would change.

See the solution is not found in the “problem/issue”, in other words, your belief that if you just tried harder, “figured it out”, did this or that thing that you have already tried, etc… you would “solve” the problem keeps you stuck in the problem.  Until you get out the same way of thinking about things, there are no new results.  Same questions, same action (or lack of it), same results.
That is where I come in, not because I know more than you or because I know what you “should” do with your life, but because asking the right questions (the ones that access those hidden areas in your mind) and having someone hold us accountable for the answers is life-changing. Period.
Imagine if you actually listened to yourself in a constructive way and you followed through on your own word, your highest wisdom-the one that has been waiting to be voiced.  What could you accomplish?  Who could you become? 


We establish a working relationship/partnership based on joint interest, in other words, my goal is your success but you must be invested in your success by doing the work.

We meet once a week for 1-hour, either by phone or in-person. We do this for 3, 6, or 12 months-(frequency of weekly sessions will be determined by package).

What to expect:

  • Relief from whatever it is you are struggling with!  Not by “doing” more or setting more goals, this process is like nothing you have experienced.  Freedom.
  • Looking at yourself through new perspectives.
  • Being challenged on your “blind-spots”; areas you aren’t even aware of that may be limiting you.
  • Homework to integrate the ways you are growing in your sessions: the work is fun and challenging but useless if not completed.
  • Expect to have fun as you get closer to the things you never even thought were possible.

A common question is “how long will this take”? You can expect results after the first visit but sustainable change needs time to integrate.  Remember that this is about SUSTAINABLE change, if you are looking for a quick-fix that is temporary then this is not for you.  I am in the business of sustainable life-long transformation that requires some time commitment up front but will yield a lifetime of reward.  Yes, I am that certain.

Contact me to set up a 30-minute conversation to see if we are a good fit. or (520)979-4600